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Block Blitz promo code

Block Blitz promo code 6H6BU

Block Blitz – The most exciting puzzle game in the app store!

Block Blitz features:

  • Score points by clearing lines & hitting power-ups!
  • Catch on fire! Clear at least a line on consecutive turns to score big
  • Power Bolt! Hit bonus points by clearing more than a line on a single turn
  • Quick! 3 minutes to beat your opponent.

About Block Blitz: Skillz Puzzle Fun

Miss your childhood block game? Then Block Blitz Skillz game is what you have been missing. This game will take you back to childhood with very nice new graphics and functionalities.
Block Blitz: Skillz Puzzle Fun game is simple, fun, attractive and suitable for everybody. It’s very helpful for improving your memory and your reflections.
Funny but tricky Block Blitz game will test your concentration, reaction time, and spatial orientation skills. The aim of the game is clearing lines, hitting power-ups and achieve the highest score.

How to play Block Blitz:

  • Create horizontal lines using the blocks.
  • When you make a line, it is cleared from the screen and points awarded
  • Game is over when there is no more moves.
  • Higher points awarded for completing multiple lines at once.

Why Do I Need a Block Blitz Promo Code

Challenge people from around the world to win real money!

For doing that you need to make a deposit. When you apply Block Blitz promo code first you will get an extra cash bonus. It’s usually $10 in bonus cash. You can’t withdraw it but you can use it to play cash matches and pro tournaments. Climb the leaderboard, win cash, and earn many prizes!

How to Use Block Blitz promo code

First, you need to open the app and go thru tutorial. It led you to the Store section.

After that, press the ENTER PROMO CODE button.

How to use block blitz promo code 2019 step 1

Enter code 6H6BU and chose the amount of money you want to deposit.

How to use block blitz promo code 2019 step 2

Complete the checkout using the preferred method of payment. Enjoy your bonus up to $60 free money (available in Cube Cube and Solitaire Tour).

How to use block blitz promo code 2019 step 3

Block Blitz gameplay and promo code activation – video tutorial

Here is the video tutorial and walkthrough. Enjoy the fun of puzzle game!

Block Blitz App Details

FREE! Download Block Blitz promo code applied

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