Blackout Blitz is a brand new bingo-style game where you can win real-world rewards and cash prizes. Blackout Blitz Promo Code 6H6BU gives players a $10 bonus to be used on any Skillz powered game.

Blackout Blitz Promo Code 6H6BU for $10

More about Blackout Blitz app by Big Run Studios Inc. is a mix of bingo-style game. It’s a perfect way to practice your bingo skills, relax or just pass the time.

Play against real people for free then switch to cash games when you’re ready to compete and win!

How to Play Blackout Blitz

Generally, two players who would like to participate in a game see bingo card which has numbers from 1 to 75.

Each bingo card contains 24 numbers and a blank square, situated on a 5 by 5 grid. When the game starts, random numbers are drawn and whoever of the players participating in the game completes a bingo pattern first, wins the prize (a line with five numbers in a diagonal, horizontal or vertical row). The numbers on the cards are randomly assigned to the squares on the card.

Blackout Blitz bingo types

During the bingo game, random numbers are drawn. After a number is shown, the player needs to check his bingo card for the announced number and if he has it on one or more of his cards – he needs to mark it on the card.

  • Make multi-bingos to earn more.
  • Use boosts to get extra points.
  • Multi-bingos on a single card earn bonus points.
  • Daub quickly to earn Boosts faster.

No longer a bingo experience!

  • Games can be played Head to Head with other players or in large, multiplayer tournaments.
  • In head to head games, both players have the same card and numbers the player who finishes with the most points win, otherwise lose.
  • Challenge people around the world with Skillz, a competition platform complete with leaderboards, trophies, Cash or virtual currency prizes, and an amazing loyalty program that rewards you for playing!

How to Use Promo Code for Blackout Blitz Game

Take a couple of hours to play some practices matches on Blackout Blitz, or for example Backgammon Blitz game and get used to the Skillz platform. When you are ready to deposit come back to this page to learn how you can make use of the Blackout Blitz promo code 6H6BU.

Step 1

First, Go to the store tab in the bottom of the screen in Blackout Blitz Skillz game.

how to use blackout blitz promo code step 1

Step 2

Secondly, click “Enter Promo Code” and enter Blackout Blitz promo code 6H6BU, then click Done.

how to use blackout blitz promo code step 2

Step 3

After that, click the green button with the amount you wish to deposit. Then chose the most convenient way to pay. Choose either Credit Card, PayPal, or Apple Pay and enter in your payment details, then click Submit.

how to use skillz promo code step 3


Complete video tutorial how Blackout Blitz promo code worked


Blackout Blitz App Details

Version: 1.0.7
Release Date: October 4, 2019
Rating: 4 (9567)

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