If you have just downloaded the app you may wonder how to play Cube Cube app by Skillz. We going to bring you a complete walkthrough tutorial.

How to play Cube Cube mobile game

For those of you who are not familiar with Cube Cube. It is a game that is like the Tetris but without gravity. You can place the pieces wherever you would like. And you gotta get ten horizontally or vertically.
Once you do they disappear and you get some points for clearing the row or column.
You going to get matched up against another opponent.
You can play for free or for money. If you want to play for money the lowest you can play for is $1 which you put in $0.60. Your opponent put in 60 cents as well. The winner is going to have a dollar.
The company Skillz is going to have 20 cents for running the tournament.
Be aware that both of you going to have the exact same board and the exact same time control. Whoever score is the highest in that time wins the dollar.

Play Cube Cube for Real Money

Try to play for a dollar right now the entry fee is $0.60.

To play for cash you have to deposit. Minimum deposit is $10. Enter promo code 6H6BU before making the first deposit and get $20 extra.

If your opponent was not as good as you were you ended up winning a dollar.

Cube Cube Game Rules

The Basics
Drag shapes to the board to score points.

Clear the board by filling rows side-to-side or top-to-bottom.
The Shapes
Use all three shapes and new ones will appear.

Both players get the same shapes in the same order.

Plan Ahead

If you can’t fit the shapes on the grid the game ends early.

Bonus Rules
Clear more than one row at a time to score a Combo bonus.

Clear rows on back-to-back turns to score a Streak Bonus.

Pro Tournaments Available in Cube Cube

There is a bunch of different things you can play for.

Tournaments with multiple rounds and big prizes

There are tournaments which have more than one person in them.
You can play for a $180 tournament which cost $60 to enter. Four people enter into that. You have to win round one and round two. It is like semi-finals and the finals.
If you win both rounds you win $150. So, you win ninety dollars and Skillz makes $60. It is the biggest cut that Skillz takes.
At first sight, it is a nice reward when you win but you have to win one out of three to breakeven and two out of three to make money.

Head to Head – a competition between two players

Also, they have the Head-to-head matches which you can play for as little as a dollar and as much as three hundred dollars.

Extra Rewards in Cube Cube

What’s the greatest thing about Cube Cube game is the Tiketz system.

Skillz Ticketz

Tiketz program allows you to win no matter what. Therefore, no matter what the result of the game is you win Tiketz. You get more for winnings get less for losing. Get the same amount every time. The more you earn the easier it is to earn more. If you play the Legendary you get 12,500 Tiketz. The maximum you can get a 6 times multiplier when you play the game often.

Win or lose, you’ll earn them with each match you play.
Redeem your Tiketz for bonus cash or other amazing prizes.
The Tiketz are transferable to every other Skillz powered games too. For example, I personally prefer to play Solitaire Cube and I have 6x Ticketz multiplier. Even though I don’t play Cube Cube as much I have 6 times multiplier because this game is on a Skillz platform.
You get 12,500 Ticketz which can be multiplied by six. As a result, in three minutes you can make 75,000 Ticketz. You can redeem them for all kinds of different things like bonus cash, phone cases, t-shirts. The best value, in my opinion, would be the $100 bonus cash for 1.1M Tiketz or you can redeem your Ticketz on Amazon gift card for 2.2M tickets for a $100. It’s all up to you whatever you feel like is the best for you.

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