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TENS! Tournament promo code

Basically, you going to try to make ten in these various rows and columns here on this 5 by 5 board using the dice faces.
You can also switch to numerical faces if you’d like.

When you start the app it asks you what are you going to use dice faces or numerical faces. You chose either what you want. Then you basically try to make rows of ten. You also get extra points for making more than one row at the same time. You get extra points for clearing the whole board.
The best score ever in TENS! is seventeen hundred and eleven right now. It’s an incredible score. It’s about double what I’ve actually gotten myself. 835 is my highest score.

TENS! Tournament features:

  1. Make TENS! to earn points
  2. Clear multiple lines or make consecutive TENS! to earn more points!
  3. The perfect mix of sudoku and block puzzle games!

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See the video below for gameplay and TENS promo code tutorial.
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