Classic Yatzy but with cards instead of dices. Use Yatzy Royale promo code 6H6BU to win real-world prizes.

Yatzy Royale Promo Code 6H6BU

Yatzy Royale: About the game

Yatzy Royale is a brand new board game where you can win cash prizes. It uses cards instead of dice for a more strategic game than classic Yatzy. Moreover, it only takes a minute or two for a match, so you can play anywhere, anytime.

How to Play Yatzy Royale

Yatzy Royale is a board mobile game that uses cards instead of dice for a more strategic game than classic Yatzy. There are three main parts of the gameplay: Basic Rules, Strategy Guide, and Hand Reference. Although, you can develop your own strategy of success.

Basic Rules

Fill in the score card to finish the match. Score as many points as you can to win.

Yatzy Royale Making Hands

Making Hands

Build 5-card hands to match the slots on the scorecard.

FULL HOUSE is three-of-a-kind and a pair.

Tap the gold buttons to lock in your hand.

Yatzy Royale Discarding


Tap to HOLD the cards you want. Hit Draw to discard the rest.


Before you draw, peek ahead to the next card to pick the right strategy.

Yatzy Royale Royal Deck

Royal Deck

The deck only has cards 10 through Ace and two Jokers.

All cards are re-shuffled every hand.

Yatzy Royale Major Hands

Major Hands

These two Major Hands are worth the most points in the game.

Try to make one of these hands on every draw.

Strategy Guide

These are advanced tips to lead you for big winnings!

Hand Reference

There are three hand references in Yatzy Royale

Yatzy Royale Online Multiplayer (Skillz eSport)

What is the Yatzy Royale Promo Code

Take a couple of hours to play some practice matches on Yatzy Royale, or for example 21 Blitz game and get used to the Skillz platform. When you are ready to deposit come back to this page to learn how you can make use of the Yatzy Royale promo code 6H6BU.
Step 1
First, Go to the store tab at the bottom of the screen in the Yatzy Royale Skillz game.
Step 2
Secondly, click “Enter Promo Code” and enter Yatzy Royale promo code 6H6BU, then click Done.
Step 3
After that, click the green button with the amount you wish to deposit. Then chose the most convenient way to pay. Choose either Credit Card, PayPal, or Apple Pay and enter in your payment details, then click Submit.

Use our step-by-step Yatzy Royale Promo Code tutorial