Learn how to get an extra $10 bonus cash with Bubble Shooter Tournaments promo code 6H6BU with your first deposit.

 “Bubble Shooter! Tournaments” is a fun classic bubble game with multiplayer competitions for the real cash prizes.
Skillz, a competition platform, allows you to challenge people around the world. Make a big cash wins with Bubble Shooter! Tournaments promo code 6H6BU.

Classic Bubble shooter is a puzzle game where the primary objective is to clear the playing area by grouping a trio or more bubbles with same colors.

How to get an extra $10 binus with Bubble Shooter Tournaments promo code

In this short video, we show how to play bubble shooter and apply the code for bonus cash.

Step 1. Download the game Bubble Shooter Tournaments (promo code applied)

You can download Bubble Shooter Tournaments from the AppStore or simply use this link (for iPhone). Using this link you download the game with $10 promo code already applied for you.
Scan code and click download directly from your mobile device.

Step 2. Register an account or use your Skillz account

After the game successfully installed you can save your new account or you can login with existing Skillz account.

Step 3. Play your first cash match

Open the Play section in the bottom of your screen and start your first cash match. The game will open an a deposit page for you.

Step 4. Enter Bubble Shooter Tournaments promo code 6H6BU

Let’s see whom of you can shoot all the bubbles and clear the screen color after color!

This bubble game has became so popular because it is a very intuitive game, meditating and so enjoyable!