I have played Solitare Cube for a couple of weeks and want to say that it’s totally awesome. In my opinion, there are more active users than in my favorite Diamond Strike or even Cube Cube or Bubble Shooter.

You can enjoy the classic game of Solitaire on your iPhone and make extra cash for every win! Simple Solitaire Cube loads fast and is completely free. Enjoy this great game without having to pay for any extra features or themes. Just start to play cash games using extra $10 bonus with promo code 6H6BU.

Solitaire, known to Windows 3.1 users. A solitaire, he’s also a Klondike.


One deck of card 52


The cards are laid out in seven piles – in the first one card, in the second two, etc. Four empty places remain under the grounds. The remaining cards in the reserve deck.


Collect all the cards on the bases.


On the game rows, cards are collected with alternating colors in descending order.
You can move both one by one and the whole series.
On empty seats in the game, rows are placed, kings.
On the bases of the card are collected in a suit in ascending order from aces to kings.
If there are no moves, scroll through the reserve.

A distinctive feature of this game is extreme asceticism. Decoration without frills, it’s very simple, on the game screen one button “Play Now” and watch, which joyfully count the time you spent.

The rules of the game are very simple and standard for Solitaire “Kindergarten”, namely in the upper right corner of the playing field are four places for stacks of cards by suit. First, in these four piles, lay out the aces, on top of them are deuces of the corresponding suit, three, four and so on. Below there are seven stacks of cards, cards can be moved from stack to stack, only to the next large map and only the opposite color. In the upper left corner is a stack of cards, from which you can, if necessary, take additional cards.

If you spread out one of the seven stacks, you can move the cards from the other piles to the empty space, but only if the first card is King. Good luck!

Solitaire Cube in App Store.